China: CALO

IFPOA Join Date: November 2021

Mission of CALO is to help more families better enjoy their life by learning and mastering skills on family planning, organizing, category storage etc. We believe people will benefit with better family relationships from the Human-Oriented ideology. For Life Organizers, CALO serves as the platform to support individual success in their career and growth in their lives.

Major Tasks of CALO

① To introduce and promote Life Organizing theory and method to the public, and to enhance people life skills by offering certification trainings, publishing books and providing on-site Organizing service 

② To offer certification education to people in the industry to become professional Life Organizers

③ To cultivate and support the certified professional Life Organizers in their career via non-commercial project “CALO Membership Service”

④ To promote on social media for the development of Life Organizing Industry in China, to work on cooperation programs and international communication

IFPOA Join Date: November 2021