Republic of Korea – KAPO


KAPO strives to enhance the value of space by organizing and storing and actualizing a convenient residential environment. KAPO helps you to pursue your freedom from the weight of your life by throwing away unnecessary things. In doing this, KAPO helps you to better enjoy your life and achieve true happiness by sharing!

[ Association ideology ]

KAPO offers a structured organization-training curriculum to it members, with professional organization lecturers. Its curriculum consists of 3 courses as the 1st Professional Organizer level, the 2nd Professional Organizer level & the Lecturer.  

Additional educational courses can be found on the KAPO homepage.

 KAPO provides educational programs that allows you to take online education as well as offline lessons. After training, the KAPO members can work as a Professional Organization Lecturer or Professional Organization Consultant.  The certificates issued by KAPO provide opportunities to actively participate in economic activities.

To raise awareness among the public, KAPO attracts mass media and broadcasters, and participates in various exhibitions & conferences. In addition, we establish and nurture international networks in cooperation with other professional organization associations.


 “A volunteer Corp consisting of members with a second-level certificate of Professional Organization issued by KAPO”

The KongR Volunteer Corp was established to raise the moral level of the Professional Organizers, recognize the true value of all jobs, and promote ‘Love and Sharing’ by practicing ’emptying and filling’. The KongR volunteer corp consists of about 1500 KAPO members and 8 branches nationwide.

Organization Training with Free Service for the Disabled.