Japan – JALO

Japanese Association of Life Organizers

IFPOA join date: March 2012

「もっと楽に、もっと生きやすく 」


Japan Association of Life Organizers

Our vision:
“For easier, more comfortable lives” We support our clients to improve their living space by providing solutions for an organized life, but not by the approach of starting off to dispose clutter. By establishing Life Organizers as a professional career in Japan, we believe that it will bring the people in Japan to a higher level of happiness.

Our Objectives:
The Japan Association of Life Organizers was founded in order to contribute to the people in Japan to improve their social lives, to be healthier as well as to create better and higher quality of living spaces, mainly for residential. To reach the goal, we strive to educate the public in Japan to familiarize with the concept of “organizing,” such as for living space, lifestyles, careers, human lives, and anything that can be effectively prepared, planned and organized. The organizing concept is already familiar in the United States. We also focus on providing educational and training programs for professional Life Organizers® as well as researching further on organizing methods and strategies.